Dream of: 02 January 2018 (2) "An Old Lesson"

 I have found a building which is going to be sold at auction and I think I may be interested in buying the building. I would like for my father (1932-2016) to first take a look at the building since this is not the kind of building I normally buy and I think my father would be a better judge of its value. It is like a big warehouse. I walk around inside. It is all white with high ceilings. I have never bought anything like this and I think my father would have more experience. I think I might give $10, 000 for it.

My father shows up to look at the building. He is thin, is in good health, and looks around 40 years old. The more I look at the building, the more I think it might be worth more - maybe in the range of $50, 000. Sure enough, my father looks at me and says, "$50, 000."

I figure he is talking about the price to pay for the building, so it is probably actually worth $100, 000 or more.

I walk around outside the building which seems to be located on state route 23 north of Portsmouth. Some other similar buildings are in the area and this seems to be a good location.

I walk up on a hill behind the building and am surprised to find many huge trees which look as if they have never been cut. It is magnificent. I love it. My father also walks up here. I walk a little farther until I see a swampy area and then suddenly realize that some crocodiles are in the water. I realize that I myself have already wandered into the swampy area. I scream back to my father, "Crocodiles!" and I start running toward him. As I run along, I see several muddy spots which look like crocodiles, but I realize they are just the outlines of where crocodiles had been lying. I cannot tell where the real crocodiles are and where just the traces of the crocodiles remain in the mud.

I can see my father walking toward the swampy area and suddenly - before my startled eyes - he sinks down into the water and completely disappears. As I stare at the area where he sank, it seems that someone else is with me and is standing behind me. I wait to see if my father is going to bob back up. A burst of bubbles break through the surface and finally I see his hands stick up above the surface. I think I could jump in the ugly, swampy water and save him, but I know that I have always been taught not to try to save someone who is drowning like that because the drowning person might grab hold of me and pull me under.

His hands disappear. I stand and realize that he is not coming back up - he has drowned. I wonder if the crocodiles will now eat him.

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