Dream of: 02 January 2018 "Reading Someone's Dream"

Goodwin (an internet dream-journalist) and I have gone to the house of a boy (probably 17-18 years old) who lives with his parents and who has had a dream. The boy has left the back door open. Goodwin arrives before I do and he finds the boy's dream in the back room which looks like a laundry room. I arrive and after Goodwin is finished looking at the dream, I look it over. It is typed on a piece of paper and is only a couple short paragraphs long.

I am quickly dismayed because I see that Goodwin has added a short paragraph on the right margin of the dream in what appear to be raised, embossed letters. I was going to make a comment to the dream, but now Goodwin has added this extra paragraph. Now I feel as if any comment I might make might be misinterpreted. I say, "You can't do that. You can't just be adding to the dream like that."

Goodwin seems a bit abashed that I have reprimanded him. I want to leave a message for the boy, but now I am unsure what to say. Besides, I am worried that Goodwin and I should not even be here in the house like this. I think the boy's parents are in the next room and that they know that we are here, but I am unsure of that. I tell Goodwin that we need to leave.

I start looking for my keys and instead, I find the keys which belong to the boy's car. I pick them up, then lay them back down in a different spot.

When I have my own keys, I head for the door. Goodwin has already walked out the door. I am unsure whether we should lock the back door. I think it must have been unlocked because otherwise we would not have been able to enter the house. I want to make sure that Goodwin has not left anything behind, and as I walk out the back door, I say, "Goodwin. You got everything?"

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