Dream of: 31 December 2017 "Receiving Pictures"

 I am looking at several pictures which I seem to have received from Fajar (an internet dream-journalist) who also seems to be in the room with me. One picture is of Ronald Reagan. I point out that Reagan has cut his hair to look like John F. Kennedy. I also point out some features of a couple of the other pictures.

As I look at the pictures I realize that they are arranged in a peculiar pattern in front of me. One picture is at the top, then two pictures are below it, and then a picture at the bottom. This arrangement of the pictures reminds me of the floor plan of the rooms of a house in which I used to live when I was a child. That house had one room at one end, two middle rooms, then a room on the end. The arrangement of the pictures in front of me seems almost identical to the floor plan I remember of that house.

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