Dream of: 03 December 2017 "Unlocated Seepage"

a foundation strong

and firm will brighten the eye

of those with insight

I own a large two-story house which I am trying to sell. Many people walk through the house and look it over. It has a large, full-size basement into which a woman descends. After I hear her say something about the water in the basement, I also descend with another woman with whom I once had a relationship for a while, but with whom I no longer have the relationship, even though we are still friends and she is still helping me sell the house. After she and I descend into the basement, we find the first woman and the water which has not yet risen to a furnace sitting on the floor.

I cannot figure out where the water originated. I see a round hole about five centemeters in the cement floor - probably a drain - but I do not see any water rising out of the hole.

The water finally recedes. The water level had actually only risen to about a centimeter high.

I know that having water in the basement is not good, but I simply cannot figure out where the water is coming from.

Around the same time, I notice that I also have an erection. Although I am wearing clothes, it almost seems as if I am not. I reach down and put my right hand around my penis which is just as hard as it could be. Nobody can see my penis, however, because I am wearing clothes.

I continue to try to understand why the water is seeping into the basement. I am going to have to fix this problem. I think I will call a man I know who I think is going to be in town today although he does not live here. I think a meeting is going to take place this evening among some people who are trying to stop having sex. I think I might go to the meeting and I think the man may even go with me. I also think the man might know where this water is coming from. So I think I will give him a call and see if he can come over.

Commentary 06 December 2017

"Seeping water" in dreams reminds me of "sexual desire" in real life. Just as water rising in the basement presents problems, so does sexual desire rising in my body present problems in my mind. Just as I do not know where the water is coming from in the basement, so do I not know where my recurring desire for sex arises.

How comfortable life might be with a completely dry basement.

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