Dream of: 02 December 2017 "Drafted"

those who are chosen

to fight against evil have

no choice of their own

I am in the Gay Street House (a house in Portsmouth, Ohio where my father lived from 1965 to 1997) where I am now living with other members of my family. My maternal grandfather Liston (1897-1966) walks into the room. He is probably in his 50s. He says that he has been drafted into the military and that he has to report in. It seems as if my mother (1931-2015) may have also been drafted. Shocked and totally surprised, I find this news of my grandfather's and my mother's being drafted into the military difficult to believe. Apparently Liston received the notice earlier, but since he and I rarely talk, I did not know anything about it until now. I wonder if I can now do something to help him. I figure he must be close to 60 years old, and it seems to me that he is too old to go into the military, but I do not know if I can do anything about it at this point.

Dream Commentary of 04 December 2017

This dream makes me think of what I regard as a Zorastrian concept of the two powers of "Good" and "Evil" combatting each other in the universe.

I am not sure exactly what Zoroaster preached, but it seems that my dreams are ever more focused on the world I will inhabit when my body dies. I am definitely intrigued that a battle between good and evil might be taking place in that world.

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