Dream of: 01 December 2017 "Floating Meditation"

parallel paths are

claimed by some to meet somewhere

in infinity

Pearl Diver (an internet dream-journalist) and I are in a rural area where we are going to practice something together. At first, the idea is that we are going to walk about fifty meters across a grassy field, then walk back. I am unsure that she is walking with me, but I start walking across the field. Instead of walking, however, I begin floating across the field. As I float, I assume a meditative pose sitting with my legs crossed.

Once I have floated about fifty meters into the field, instead of returning to the point of origin, I begin rising higher into the air. I know I am supposed to return to the place where I started, but I start concentrating on meditating, and the experience is so intense, I simply continue to float and rise higher and higher until I am hovering thirty or forty meters above the land. My meditation becomes more intense until I realize I am in a transcendent state which is definitely different from my normal state of mind.

I am aware of having left Pearl Diver behind and I know that I need to return to her, but my state of mind is so intense and tranquil that I continue to hover for quite a while. I think Pearl Diver is probably wondering what is going on because I do not think that she is doing the same thing that I am doing.

I continue to hover in this intense state for quite a while, continuing to reflect that the state which I am experiencing is quite different from my normal state of mind. Pearl Diver remains in my mind all the while. I know that I should not simply stay up here and leave her back there. I need to return to her.

I finally begin slowly floating back toward the earth and toward Pearl Diver at the place where I started.

Commentary of 03 December 2017

Some internet dream journalists are experiencing the mystic wonder of dreaming about each other. It is an experience unlike any other. I highly recommend it.

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