Dream of: 30 November 2017 "Unknown Fellow In Car"

once you overcome

your anger you can walk the

road of nirvana

I am riding in a big, blue car which seems somewhat like my father's old Chrysler Imperial from the 1960s. Michelle is sitting in the middle of the front seat. Wayne is driving the car while I am sitting on the passenger side of the front seat. The car belongs to me - I am only letting Wayne drive because he and Michelle need a ride somewhere. We are only about a block away from my Sixth Street House where Wayne is living.

I am a little upset because I suddenly remember that yesterday I saw a fellow sitting inside Michelle's Chevy Explorer - which also belongs to me - while it was sitting in front of Wayne's house. I want to know why the fellow was in the car and I want to know now. Since I think I would receive a better response if I were driving, I say something to Wayne like, "Let's change seats. I want to drive. "

Wayne stops the car and we change seats. I climb into the driver's seat and he climbs into the passenger seat. I then begin explaining to Michelle that when I was leaving Wayne's house yesterday, I saw a fellow sitting in her car. I was wondering what was going on. I figure the fellow might have been a homeless character who she was simply allowing to stay in her car. I tell her that she does not have a house where she can put up these homeless people. So I assume she might simply allow them to stay in her car.

I further describe how I had seen a second, tall, thin, scruffy fellow in Wayne's house as I was leaving. That fellow had walked out to Michelle's car. She does not seem to know who that fellow was. I figure Wayne must know who the fellow was, but Wayne does not say anything. I figure Wayne is probably letting the fellow stay in my house and Wayne does not want me to know about it. Nobody wants to talk about it. Michelle acts as if she does not know what I am talking about, but I feel sure that she must know because I do not think the fellow would be in her car without her knowing.

At some point I reflect that I just shortly before had a pleasant dream about having sex with Michelle, but I am not going to mention the dream to her right now. 

When she does not say anything, I say, "So tell me what's going on. If you're not going to tell me, well then fuck you."

When she remains quiet, I say, "Well fuck you."

I steer toward Wayne's house. If she is not going to tell me what is going on, I am simply going to take her and Wayne to his house and drop them off, and I am not going to help her do anything.

Commentary of 03 December  2017

My relationship with my Conscience has not always been the best.

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