Dream of: 29 November 2017 "Approaching Tornado"


avoid fiends known for

lies in favor of friends known

for the virtue of truth

I am walking down the street with several friends when we notice a tornado on the horizon. We head to a nearby building from which some people are exiting. My friends and I enter the building and walk up to the third floor. We have only been in the room for a few minutes when I realize that we are moving. I now see that one of my friends is using a steering wheel to drive this building - which is actually not a building, but a thin, three-story tall vehicle.

We move along in this vehicle which seems like the perfect thing in which to be at the moment, what with tornados in the air. I can already see the destruction which the tornado has left behind in its path. Houses are torn to pieces and rubble is scattered all around.

It looks as if the tornado has already passed, but then I see a black, squiggly line of a tornado in the far distance. I would rather like to head in that direction.

Suddenly, not far away, I see a huge barrel-shaped, white tornado which seems to be approaching us. I want us to move as close as we can to the tornado. The driver steers in the direction of the tornado.

More and more debris surrounds us, but I think we should be protected in this tall, little vehicle in which we find ourselves.

Dream Commentary of 01 December 2017

I tend to look at the "apocalypse" as a metaphor for "the end of life." If it is true that the Conscience creates the dream setting, I can understand why one might believe that apocalyptic dreams are tinged with questions of sin and morality.

Tornados could be said to represent the power of sin. The moral man might be shown as challenging the tornado, not for purposes of sin, but in order to overcome sin. Exercising the strength to absorb the power of a tornado in a dream is far more rewarding than hiding in the basement from the tornado.


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