Dream of: 26 November 2017 "Escapee"

may you avoid the

pain and heart-wrenching despair

of desperate men  

A black fellow (around 30 years old) has escaped from the authorities. He is on foot and is being chased by the police. He is in the woods and is running on a path up a hill. Another big black fellow just happens to be running in front of him. The escapee notices that the crest of the hill is just to his left. He watches the fellow in front of him run to the top of the crest and he follows. The other fellow trips and starts rolling down the side of the high, steep hill. The escapee watches the body roll down the hill to the bottom as he tries to determine where the hill can be descended and where it is too steep as he contemplates trying to descend the hill in order to escape.

He begins gingerly descending the rather barren hillside which only has a few trees on it. When he is about halfway to the bottom of the hill, he realizes that the police will probably quickly cordon off the area at the bottom, determine where he is and catch him. He decides he might circle around the side of the hill and descend at a different spot.

When he finally reaches the bottom of the hill, another fellow who is either his friend or his relative joins him. The escapee obtains a revolver and decides that he must have a car. He sees a little store in a gas station and decides to rob the store and also hijack a car from someone inside the store. Before he goes inside, he tells his friend that the friend can just go on because, he says, "It's going to be all bad."

Nevertheless his friend stays with him and the escapee walks into the store and stands at the front counter. Two people ahead of him buy something. When a boy (around 15 years old) steps up to the counter, the escapee tells the clerk (a fellow around 20 years old) that he will buy a little, round piece of candy for the boy. After the escapee pays for the candy, the clerk asks the escapee what he wants, and the escapee says, "Nothing."

The clerk thinks the response of the escapee is strange, and he says something about the escapee's standing in line and then not wanting anything. Just when it looks as if the escapee is going to announce that he is robbing the store, a second black man enters the store, pulls out a gun, and starts robbing the store.

The escapee walks outside and waits. He decides that he will simply use his gun to rob the second black man when the second black man comes out of the store. When people finally start running out of the store, the escapee sees the second black man and an accomplice run out of a side door of the store.

The escapee and his friend follow the second black man and his accomplice and find them in a car. The second black man is sitting on the passenger side of the front seat and his accomplice is sitting in the back seat. The escapee rushes up to the car and points his gun through the front widow on the driver's side at the second black man, but he fumbles his gun and drops it on the front seat of the car. The second black man now points his gun at the escapee.

As if I am now creating the story, I think the escapee's friend could pick up the gun from inside the car, and I can imagine the friend's pointing the gun at the back of the second black fellow's head and shooting him. Now the friend will also have to shoot the accomplice in the back seat. Then the escapee and his friend will have to board the car and drive around with two bodies in the car. They could dump them out, but they will probably just drive around with the two bodies.

Commentary of 01 December 2017

Somewhat like a slave might yearn for freedom, I sometimes yearn for knowledge of the purpose of life.

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