Dream of: 16 September 2017 "Dark Paris Street"

if you finally

find your home you may never

want to leave again

 I am on a dark street in Paris with three other fellows. I do not see any other people out on the street. I am unsure in what hotel I am staying, but I see a bright light in the distance which I think might be downtown and that is where I want to go. I do not even know what part of town I am in, but I know that I do not want to stay in this dark area because Paris has bad parts just like any other city.

I separate from the other three fellows and start walking until I find myself alone in a park-like area with a little light where I sit down on a bench. I think about how happy I am to be here - it has taken a long time to reach this spot. I originally planned on staying here for a month, but I may remain here permanently - I have not yet decided.

I have with me three or four books written in English. I lay them down somewhere and am unable to find them. I end up with a book written in French. After I start reading the French book, I am glad that I got rid of the English books, because if I am only going to speak French here, then I need to concentrate on French. So I like the French book.

I hear some men conversing nearby and I notice that they use the word "buverier" over and over. I finally realize that the men are talking about black people and that this word refers to black people as a group in a very deprecating way. The word is similar to "niggers" in English. The men continue talking and I continue listening to them for a while. I realize that I do not understand them well and I do not join in their conversation.

Commentary of 08 October 2017

If God were omniscient, then man would not have free will. 

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