Dream of: 15 September 2017 "Warring Birds"

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 I have walked to the banks of a river of pellucid water which is close to a big house which I either own or am buying which reminds me both of the Gallia County Farmhouse and my Home on the Hill. I am planning on living in the house and while I am looking over the area, I notice that some large birds are attacking some smaller birds. It looks as if the smaller birds being attacked are red hawks. The larger dark birds rather remind me of eagles - I do not know what other kind of bird would be able to attack a hawk like that.

When I see one of the big dark birds fly up to what looks like a nest of the hawks and grab one of the hawks and take off with it, I am surprised that hawks are so vulnerable like that.

I try to figure out for certain what kind of birds the large dark birds are. I look at one which is sitting down the river a ways. The bird's back is to me and suddenly it starts moving toward me. It is not flying, but is only moving in a sitting position with its back toward me. It is coming right at me. When it reaches me, I am standing up and the bird is almost as tall as I. I have to move to the side because I am afraid the bird is going to hit me. It moves right past me without touching me. I have never seen anything like this. 

Commentary of 05 October 2017

Blessed are those who find a home they can love.

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