Dream of: 14 September 2017 "Hot Sand"

self-control may be

the beginning of that which

passes for wisdom

 I am walking on a beach which seems to be on a tropical island. The area is beautiful with white sand. Passing a small drop-off on my right, I look below me and see a flat area with a few palm trees. A beautifully gorgeous blonde is sitting there looking at me. I am unsure, but it looks as if she is completely naked. I do not say anything to her and I continue walking past her. Then I hear her say something to me.

I am carrying an electronic device in my hand. It seems as if I may be having trouble with the device working. She says that if I were to go farther below her and stick the device in the hot sand, that it might help it work.

I stop. Normally I would not start talking with someone like that, but since she has approached me first, I start talking to her. I have the feeling that she must be interested in me. I cannot distinctly see her body, but I still I have the feeling that she is naked, and I begin wondering if it may be possible to have sex with her out here. Since no one else is around, the idea is quite pleasant.

Commentary of 04 October 2017

Aware that just this one galaxy has perhaps 300,000,000 stars, I often have difficulty believing that the Creator is able to keep me in mind, yet I must believe that that same Creator is designing my dreams.

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