Dream of: 08 August 2017 "Assembling A Petition"

if you have never

knelt in front of god you may

beg for audience

I am representing someone as an attorney in a case in another county from mine. A local attorney (around 40 years old) whom I know in my home town drives me to the other county to file the papers to begin the case. He is somewhat familiar with the other county.

I do not have all the papers completely ready, but I do have ready the petition to begin the case. It seems as if the petition should be filed today.

When we arrive at the courthouse and are in the lobby, I scatter a bunch of papers all over the place. I have not yet attached the first page of the petition to the second page. I did not type up the first page, but merely photocopied it. I look at the first page to make sure that it syncs with the second page. I see that half of the last word and all of the penultimate word at the bottom of the first page are repeated at the top of the second page.

It is too late to make any changes to the duplicated words, but at least the words make it look as if the first and the second pages are connected.

It seems as if I am taking a long time to assemble the papers so that I can file them. The attorney seems a little perturbed that I am taking so long - at least I am worried that he will become perturbed that I am consuming so much of his time.

At any rate, it looks as if I am going to file everything on time.

 Commentary of 08 August 2017

It begins to appear that understanding God may be more a matter of feeling than of knowing. Feeling God and knowing God seem to be distinct but related concepts.

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