Dream of: 07 August 2017 "Symbol Of Friendship"

one may need friends to

reach a solitary state

of self-fulfillment

I am thinking about how some people like to make friends - and some people do not. I am thinking that someone who does not like to have friends might say something like, "Why would you?" if asked about making friends. A person who liked to make friends might respond with, "Why wouldn't you?"

I think I fall into the category of a person who likes to have friends, although sometimes it is good to be alone.

I suddenly think of a pyramid as an illustration of what I am thinking. I think that the building of a pyramid is similar to having friends because some things - like building a pyramid - cannot be accomplished alone, but require the assistance of other people.

At the very apex of the pyramid, however, is a single point which could illustrate the concept of being alone.

I reflect that the lesson from this visualization might be that friends are necessary to build something which allows a person to reach a point where the person can be alone.

 Commentary of 07 August 2017

Thank you to my friends who have "liked" my dreams on Facebook. I feel particularly close to you - and I invariably end up communicating in my dreams with the people to whom I feel closest.

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