Dream of: 06 August 2017 "Webworm"

change thought to action

spiritual to physical

by creating art

I see a butterfly or a moth which has a bit of the same color of orange as the bug which I photographed just a few days ago. I cannot be positive, but I wonder if this butterfly is not the same animal which I photographed and which has turned into a butterfly. I would also like to take a picture of the butterfly and post it along with the picture of the bug on my Facebook page to show what I have.

 Commentary of 06 August 2017

I actually did take the above picture on July 27, 2017 in Portsmouth, Ohio. I also learned that the bug is a moth which is called "ailanthus webworm."

The unconscious mind is the spiritual storehouse of our conscious experiences.

The scenarios for dreams are created by a superior form of intelligence from the material in the unconscious mind.

Although the stage in the unconscious mind is set by the superior form of intelligence (the higher power), another form of intelligence also takes part in the dream: the dreamer.

Dreams, therefore, seem to have three main constituents: 1. The higher power/creator; 2. the raw material from the unconscious mind; and 3. the dreamer.

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