Dream of: 04 August 2017 "A Crazy Woman"

like a beautiful

black dragon rises the urge

to physically touch

I am in a house with other people. Whether I am living here or temporarily staying here is uncertain. A black-haired woman (about 30 years old) is of particular importance. I have not known her long. At first we are friendly. I am unsure whether I am imagining it, or I actually see her naked in the house. Although we had begun with a platonic relationship, I gradually become more and more attracted to her. I am unsure what I want to do because I do not know if I want to have a relationship with her. My physical attraction to her, however, gradually becomes overwhelming.

I walk outside and she also walks out. She is wearing either white panties or white slacks which are pulled so low that I can actually see the top of her dark pubic hairs.

I start working on the engine of a car whose hood is raised and she begins to help me. I think that I am going to say something to her about this feeling which I have for her. Sensing that that she may be purposely seducing me, I mull over in my mind what I may say to her, and I think I may say something like, "You've got to be crazy."

I am unsure how she will react. I am even thinking of trying to initiate some physical contact with her. I am becoming just a little overwhelmed by her presence.

 Commentary of 04 August 2017

Publishing my dreams on Facebook has become an extraordinary experience. The "house" in this dream may be a symbol for "Facebook."

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