Dream of: 11 July 2017 "Shadows Of Ghosts"

continue leaning

through weakness and harm on the

everlasting arms

I'm sitting in a living room on a couch while my mother (around 40 years old) is sitting in a chair straight across from me on the other side of the room. My step-mother sits down next to me on my right. She moves closer and closer to me until we are almost touching. I do not do anything, but I almost think that she is going to make a move on me.

We are finally sitting so close that she actually has her legs over me and I have my arm around her, but we are still not actually showing affection toward each other, even though I'm somewhat expecting her to show affection toward me at any moment.

I suddenly notice a shadow on the floor, and my mother says that my great-aunt Dorothy Ressinger (1903-2002) and my great uncle Adolph "Dolf" Ressinger (1894-1974) are here. Although they are still outside, we can see their shadows inside on the floor.

My mother (1931-2015) and I stand up. Referring to my step-mother, my mother says, "Now you see?"

My mother seems to be implying that my step-mother is trying to make a move on me.

I do not say anything, but I walk through a passageway toward the garage where I see Dorothy and Dolf. Dorothy walks up to me, puts her arms around me, and hugs me. I realize that Dorothy and Dolf have come because they have heard that my father (1932-2016) - who was their nephew - has died. I suddenly realize that the family never even notified Dorothy and Dolf about my father's death.

I like holding Dorothy. She seems thin and frail, but she seems healthy.

 Commentary of 16 July 2017

Once again my mother rises from the dead to encourage me to focus on eternal life.

That would be one way of looking at it. Or my mother in the dream could simply be a symbol created by God. Either way, this dream seems to be pointing to the possibility of life after death.

It certainly appears more and more likely that our earthly behaviour may have an impact on the form that future life will take. The ultimate karma, so to speak.

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