Dream of: 10 July 2017 "Woman Who Has Read The Koran"

hearing the voice of

god may sometimes require

quiet attention

I'm in a house into which my mother (1931-2015) and my father (1932-2016) are moving. I'm also moving in. A black-haired woman (probably in her late 20s) shows up. My parents have apparently hired her to work in the house. She is very attractive in an unusual way. She does not seem particularly delicate, but she seems very strong and healthy.

After I sit down and start talking to her, I ask her something about the Bible. Then I ask her if she has read the Bible and she says that she has. I'm surprised. I then ask her if she has read the Koran and she says she has. I'm even more surprised since I know that finding someone who has read the Koran is very unusual.

I can see already that I enjoy her company. We continue talking and move so close together that our lips actually touch. We back away from each other, but as we continue talking, our lips touch several more times. I'm definitely interested in her and she seems interested in me.

Since I have to go somewhere and fetch something, I leave and go to a store which seems like a thrift store of some sort. It contains many shelves loaded with all sorts of small items. As I walk through the rooms, I touch one of the shelves and it falls over. All the items on the shelf fall onto the floor. I immediately set the shelf back up. I'm surprised that much of the stuff on the shelves has remained on the shelves when I set it back up. I then start picking everything else and placing it back on the shelf. I do not take time to replace everything the way it originally was - I just set things in random order on the shelves. I notice that one clear, glass candlestick is broken, but it does not look as if it is anything expensive. I do not think that I will have to pay for it.

When I finish, I'm thinking about buying some bauble here and taking it back to the house. Some of the things seem interesting, but I finally decide not to take anything back.

I prepare to leave. I'm anxious to return to the house and see this woman again.

Commentary of 12 July 2017

Such a large portion of the world is Moslem. I suppose to be a Moslem, it is necessary to believe that God spoke directly to Muhammad.

The Koran is so dream-like, I feel sure that it has influenced my belief that God speaks to people in their dreams. I think the evidence that God speaks to ordinary persons in their dreams is just as strong as the evidence that God spoke to Muhammad in his cave.

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