Dream of: 09 July 2017 "Fear Of Heights"

be brave not foolish

when revealing true identities

 to the waiting world

I'm thirty or forty stories up in the air in a building which may look like the needle in Seattle or Dallas. I may even be in Seattle, but I'm not sure. I'm walking on a wooden, platform-walkway around the perimeter of the globe. A wire-mesh fence is along the outer side of the walkway to prevent anyone from falling off. As I walk, I stay close to the side of the building and I do not even want to get close to the wire.

Suddenly I realize that on the other side of the mesh fence is yet a second wooden walkway which also encircles the globe on the same level as my walkway, but the second walkway has no wire mesh to prevent someone from falling. I'm startled to see that people are walking around out there on the second walkway. Most of them look like young high school children.

I see a spot in the wire mesh which is open and allows people to move from the first walkway to the second walkway.

I also see thick steel girders which jut out into the open air from the bottom of the unprotected, second walkway. People are actually walking out on the girders which only extend from under the second walkway about a meter straight out horizontally into the air. I'm astounded to see that many of the children are stepping onto the girders and even walking all the way out to the end - here 30-40 stories high.

One boy teeters on one of the girders and looks as if he's going to fall. I start to imagine myself falling off the girder like the boy. Imagining that long fall to my death almost makes my stomach churn. That those children are walking around out there like that on those girders is unbelievable.

At some point I see a man whom I used to know who is walking on the same walkway as I, but I do not want to talk with him right now. I just want to lie down on the wooden platform and turn my head so that he does not see me. I think I have changed so much over the years, he probably would not recognize me anyway. It seems as if I have an appointment to see the man later anyway.

I finally walk inside the globe whose interior seems like a large warehouse where things are stored. I think that not many of these needle buildings are constructed - they are rather like novelties. I think the design of the needle buildings might be beneficial, however, because so little space is used at the bottom of the building which leaves more unencumbered land, while up at the top in the globe, so much space is available. Many of these buildings could actually be built.

Commentary of 11 July 2017

The two walkways seem like the two methods of publishing dreams on the internet. The outer, unprotected walkway reminds me of publishing dreams on Facebook. It seems dangerous out there and only children seem to be there. Yet the open air is out there and I take that to mean that Facebook might be a place from which I can fly in my dreams, instead of lying down next to my warehouse of memories.

The rules are different in dreams where I sometimes actually fly. Thus even though the actions of the children out there on the open girders seem terrifying, since I am dreaming about this event, if I would use my will power, I could walk straight out onto one of those girders, jump, and start flying.

I would conclude that a least one message in this dream is that publishing my dreams on Facebook will strengthen my will power. Since I feel that God presently wants me to strengthen my will power, it seems that Facebook is a divine place to practice.

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