Dream of: 08 July 2017 "Conflicts Of Interest"


in the face of injustice

will strengthen your cause

I'm in a room and sitting at a long table with about a dozen other men - like a board meeting of an organization. I was here once before. I have seen a video of that previous meeting, and I had noticed that in the video, a woman was carrying a sign which said "ERA." I know that "ERA" stands for "Equal Rights Amendment." I also know that the Equal Rights Amendment has nothing to do with what we are doing. So I find it interesting that the woman had been carrying that sign at that previous meeting.

Upon further reflection, I also find it interesting that the United States does not have an Equal Rights Amendment for women. That seems like a travesty to me. It seems as if women should have equal rights with men.

The meeting rolls along. A new fellow who has never been here before is present. I think that he is a lawyer. He is a tall, thin man (probably in his 40s).

I do not pay attention when someone else reads a document which the lawyer-type has brought to the meeting. When the reading is finished, having not paid attention, I now want to know what the document said, and I ask, "Now what was that?"

A man on the other side of the table from me holds up the document in front of me. I put my hand on the document so I can read it, but the fellow holds onto the document and will not let me have it. I think to myself, "So that's how it's going to be."

So I start reading the document as the man holds onto it. It appears that the document is an agreement for someone to hold the money for this organization. I still do not know much about this organization, but the document looks acceptable to me, but then I ask, "But how much are they going to charge us?"

The man holding the document rolls his eyes. Obviously no one wants to talk about how much is going to be charged. I do not like the idea of voting to approve having someone holding the money of the organization without knowing in advance how much is going to be charged for the service.

I notice that since this lawyer-type has joined the meeting, the tone has changed. I have the feeling that this meeting is not as open as it should be. I think that if we vote on this document, I will vote "No," and I will explain that I will not vote to approve something unless I know how much it is going to cost.

I even have the feeling that the people who are going to hold our money might even be part of the law firm where the lawyer-type works. That does not seem quite right to me. I think I'm going to have some conflicts working with this group.

Commentary of 10 July 2017

I am conflict-adverse. Although I see much in the world with which I do not agree, I do not want to be actively involved in the battles necessary to change things. I just want to express my opinions ... in my dreams.

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