Dream of: 06 July 2017 (2) "In A Little While"

be prepared for an

eternal life of the soul

without the body

I'm in the Logan Street House (where my mother lived in Portsmouth, Ohio from 1971 to 1977). I have been staying here for a while. I own another house which I'm fixing up and into which I'm planning to move, but I'm not quite ready for the move. I think I will probably hang around here for the rest of the summer.

My mother (around 30 years old), wearing a red dress with one shoulder bare, happily walks into the living room where I am sitting in a chair. As she walks around the room, she says that she is going to go skating today. Since I know that she does not go out often, I look at her in surprise and say something about, "Who's going to take care of things here."

I think that I have one or two very young siblings here in the House who need to have someone with them. My mother says something about someone's coming in to watch after them, then she says she is going to go skating with her brother (Junior) after Junior picks her up. She says that she has not seen Junior in a long time.

I think that she likes Junior and that she wants to be with him. Her rendezvous with Junior seems like a date to me. I think they used to go skating together when they were young and now they are going skating together again.

My mother looks good. She is pretty and she is thin.

When she says that Junior will be picking her up soon, I decide to stick around and see Junior myself because I have not seen him in a long time. I would like to see him again and maybe give him a hug.

I seem to remember that Junior and his wife Jesse separated. I wonder if Jesse will be jealous if she knows that my mother is going to go skating with Junior.

My mother says she is going somewhere close to "Thurman" (Ohio) which I know is fairly far from Portsmouth.

My mother says, "I hope to see you in a little while."

Commentary of 08 July 2017

Ok, there is the ghost. Although my mother is deceased, she is communicating with me in the dream.

Since I believe in eternal life, I can also believe that it is possible that my mother's soul is still alive and that it is communicating with me.

I, however, find believing that my dead mother is communicating with me in my dreams to be challenging, even though her message might make sense. She is saying that there is another existence and that she and I will once again meet each other there. That is definitely an encouraging message, the kind of thing I would expect from her - or God.

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