Dream of: 06 July 2017 "Trading Security For Art"

god may be the source

of messages and stories

discovered in dreams

 Bob Dylan (around 40 years old) and I are in a house with several members of my family and we are all going to go together to another location. Bob walks to the door. Although he intends to go by himself while the rest of us follow, I think I would like to ride along with him since riding with Bob Dylan would be an experience.

Just as he is walking out the door, I ask him if I can go with him, and I am surprised when he says that I can. But as he continues out the door toward his car to leave, I tell him that I must first fetch my clothes which I know are washed and folded in the garage.

I intend to fetch the clothes as fast as I can and then meet Bob at his car. I hope he will wait for a short while, so I will have time to gather everything together and go with him.

messages in dreams

may have much to share with the

messages in art

Commentary of 06 July 2017

This is the 27th dream which I have published in which Bob Dylan has appeared.

For those who read my dreams on a regular basis, I would say that Bob Dylan seems to be of a solitary nature, yet he depends on a wide assortment of people to make his art public.

I am thinking today about the book of Daniel and Facebook and the book of Revelations.

I'm wondering if God may speak to mankind through the dreams of certain dream-writers. If God does indeed speak in such a way, such a dream-writer should not be considered a megalomaniac.

I think my beliefs concerning God's communication to men through dreams is influenced by the stories of the dreams of the pharoah and of Nebechadnezzar. In those two cases, God supposedly sent dreams to pharoah and to Nebechadnezzar and then the dreams were interpreted by the two main dream interpreters in the Old Testament, Joseph and Daniel. Apparently, according to the Bible, those dreams were intentionally sent by God for a reason.

Beyond those fragile stories, however, proof that God speaks to man through dreams is sadly lacking.

 I nevertheless believe that sound interpretation of dreams rests on the belief that all dreams contain messages from God.

The message of this dream seems to be: concentrate on producing lasting art.

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