Dream of: 07 June 2017 (2) "Protecting Passwords"

privacy is a

baneful necessity for

those with sins to hide

 In the morning, I walk out of the large, two-story, frame house where I live and I see my big wooden desk sitting in the yard. I have a laptop computer sitting on the desk. When I see several objects which do not belong to me sitting around my computer, I realize that people have been using my desk during the night.

I abruptly decide that I will simply keep these objects. I see a silver bracelet with a setting of a series of light-green stones. I pick up the heavy bracelet. I also pick up a couple pairs of women's sunglasses, as well as a few other objects. I figure that if people are going to use my computer in the night and leave stuff here, then I'm going to confiscate whatever they leave behind.

I also see some items which I myself have left out here on the desk and I realize that I cannot leave my belongings out here because people will steal them. Drug addicts are probably in this neighborhood and they may have already begun using my computer. I pick up a pair of binoculars which I have left out here.

After I walk back into the house, I suddenly remember that the computer is hooked up to Google and that Google has all my passwords on it. Anyone could automatically access all my accounts simply by using that computer since Google automatically fills in my passwords when I go to an account.

I realize that I'm not going to be able to leave my computer outside anymore. Or, I'm going to have to log out of Google every time I leave my computer to assure that Google does not automatically fill in passwords on my accounts.

Commentary of 11 June 2017

This dream makes me think of my long determination not to censor or change any dreams which I publish.

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