Dream of: 07 June 2017 "Another's Camping Equipment"

mind-altering drugs

leave their traces in the dreams

of the altered mind

 I'm with an extremely attractive young woman (around 20 years old) with whom I'm camping in a clearing in the woods. After setting up our site, she and I walk around together for a while until I discover that someone else has set up a site right next to ours. The new campers even have a wooden clothes-wardrobe which is standing near the edge of their site. The wardrobe appears to be the only property of the new campers on their site. I open the wardrobe, look inside, and see clothes and camping equipment. Since I do not see anyone in the area, the woman and I continue walking on together until she and I return to the small site which we have set up for ourselves and where we plan to stay.

I subsequently return alone to the other site and find four rough-looking men there (each around 30 years old). I am somewhat apprehensive of the men, but I talk with them for a bit. The four are lying on the ground, and I also lie down.

I snort something. I'm unsure what it is, but it is not a drug. From the snorting sound I make, however, I think the men may think I'm snorting a drug. When it turns out that the men appear to be snorting something themselves, I think they may be snorting cocaine, and I become apprehensive about being around them.

Nevertheless, they start talking and I converse with them. They mention something about some "electronic surveillance" equipment which they have. Apparently they have set up a camera so they can detect whether someone has been bothering their stuff. When one of the fellows stands up and looks at the camera, I realize that I was probably recorded earlier when I was looking at their wardrobe. I ask him something about my being on the camera and he says, "Yea ..." He is unconcerned because he saw on the camera that I simply looked into the wardrobe without bothering anything.

So I return to the woman. A while later, she and I go to the other site. When we reach the site, my point of view has changed so that I now seem to be viewing what is occurring without actually being present - although I think must be somewhere nearby because I can see what is taking place.

The entire area is covered with police - perhaps dozens of police cars. It appears that two of the four rough-looking fellows have been killed. I can see the other two sitting over to the side with their backs against the steep face of a hill. They both look confused. I have a feeling that they did not commit the murders. I do not think they are guilty of anything, although they definitely look worried.

They stand up as if they are preparing to leave. Both are wearing backpacks which appear to be full of items, and I have the feeling that they have motorcycles. Immediately, however, a police officer stops them and starts questioning them. I hear them say something about planning to go to Chicago. Although it sounds as if they say "Detroit" instead of "Chicago, " I'm sure that they are talking about "Chicago," a place where things are happening. I have a feeling that the fellows do not even have a home and that they simply travel around from place to place.

Commentary of 10 June 2017

Death and sin seem to be the recurrent theme here.

I am suddenly betaken by existentialism. I'm not sure what the word means, but it seems to mean that man is responsible for his own destiny and that that destiny is not ordained by an outside source.

"Purpose" seems to be an intergral component of existentialism. Just as with destiny, man is seen as finding his own individual purpose in life.

It would seem that an initial purpose of life is to be happy. My problem has been that I have found the concept of being happy to be selfish in the face of other suffering life forms. I think I seriously need to change that attitude and to look at being happy as a magnanimous virtue rather than a selfish vice. Concentrate on being a happy person.

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