Dream of: 05 June 2017 "Queasy Sense Of Dread"

acheive happiness

by overcoming the need

for transient pleasure 

 I'm driving a vehicle and pull up into the back yard of a house where I was working the day before. Apparently my mother is living in this house. She and I have been working together in the back yard, but she is not in the back yard right now. As I pull in, I see my old, red '86 BMW sitting in the back yard. The rear window of the car is raised up so that it is open. I realize that I left the window open and forgot about it.

 When I see a big, gray Weimaraner which belongs to me climb out of the back window of the car, I feel bad because I realize that I forgot my dog yesterday and left it in the car.

After I climb out of the car I'm driving and walk toward the house, I have a queasy sense of dread that something is wrong. Just as I step onto the back porch, I see that the back door is open and I'm surprised to see a woman (probably in her 30s) walk out of the house. She is wearing a white top and a black skirt almost like something which a school teacher might wear. I immediately know that this woman is an intruder.

I am carrying a thin, little stick and I think of poking her in the stomach with the stick, but I do no want to do that. Instead, I simply stare at the woman. Since I think that my mother is in the house, I'm worried that this woman has been up to some mischief here. I simply do not know why this woman is here.

Commentary of 10 June 2017

This woman is a bit ambiguous. It almost seems that she may not be a negative figure and that instead I should view her in a positive way - perhaps even leave with her.  

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