Dream of: 16 April 2017 "A Saga" 

 I have met a black-haired girl (probably in her early 20s) whom I like in Portsmouth, Ohio. We are talking and she mentions that she has been talking with Mohl (a Portsmouth resident whom I have known since the 1970s), and she mentions that Mohl had apparently said something nasty about me. I remember Mohl, and I ask the girl if she wants to here the "saga" of Mohl. She says she does.

I start talking and tell her that throughout my life I have tended to return to Portsmouth from time to time and live there for a while. I tell her that I was living in Portsmouth around "1977,"  and I mention that at that time my father owned a factory which manufactured cellulose insulation. She asks me if my father built the factory and I say, "Yea."

I tell her how amazing it was to me that my father actually built the factory and manufactured cellulose insulation. He ground newspapers up into little pieces, filled them into bags, and sold the bags of insulation. I thought that was an impressive feat.

I continue telling the girl that I originally met Mohl at a folk dancing group with about ten people in Portsmouth. At the time, Mohl had seemed like a decent person to me. I also mention that I met a girl in the group and that I dated the girl for a while. I do not say her name, but I'm thinking about Vickie. I also now realize that this girl with whom I'm talking reminds me of Vickie, and she even seems somehow to be Vickie.

I say that I was friendly with Mohl and that one day another person and I were visiting him at his white, two-story, frame home in Portsmouth where he lived with his mother who owned the house. As we were sitting at a table and talking, I realized that Mohl was either gay or bisexual. I asked him if I was correct, and he had answered, "Yea."

From that point on, I no longer cared for Mohl because I realized - I told the girl - that Mohl had been making a play for me. I simply no longer wanted to associate with him.

I tell her that I subsequently once received a bizarre and anonymous letter from someone while I had been living on the Gallia County Farm, and that I had concluded that the letter came from Mohl, although I was never sure who sent the letter.

The saga of Mohl seems to have several other aspects as to why I do not care for him.

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