Dream of: 14 April 2017 "Riding Lawnmower" 

 I need a new riding lawnmower because something is wrong with the big red one which I inherited from my father. After I learn of someone who has a riding mower, I call and ask about it. After the phone call, another fellow and I go to the big house where the mower is supposed to be located. When we arrive, the basement garage is open, so we walk on in, even though I have reservations about simply walking into someone's garage without permission.

 I do not see the mower anywhere until I see that the other fellow has found it sitting next to a wall at the rear of the garage. The red mower is small and almost looks like a go cart. After the other fellow sits down on the mower, I say, "That's a little tiny one, but it would fit in the car."

I think I might be able to buy the mower for perhaps $100.

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