Dream of: 11 April 2017 "Tocqueville"

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I'm having a meal with 9spaceking (an internet dream journalist) and his family in their home. While 9spaceking's mother prepares the meal, 9spaceking's father and I sit down in the living room and begin talking. He mentions three philosophers. I have read the works of two of the philosophers, but the philosopher on which he concentrates is "Tocqueville," and I know that I have never actually read anything by Tocqueville.

The father talks about something which Tocqueville has said about Christ or Christianity. From what the father says, I deduce that he is a Christian. When he finishes talking, I pull my chair right up in front of him and look him straight in the eye. I want him to know that I do not believe in Christ. I say, "I don't want to offend anybody with my beliefs. I'm not a believer, but I do believe in God."

I then add, "It sounds like you're a believer."

He looks at me sternly and says that he is not a believer in Christ. I'm a bit taken aback by what he has said.

I think it probably seems a little peculiar that I even have any kind of connection with 9spaceking because he is so young and I am so old - I'm even older than 9spaceking's father. I wonder if the father wonders about this relationship. That I would even know 9spaceking seems peculiar to me also, but I know that the basis of our relationship is the dreams which we both publish. The father seems unconcerned that I have this relationship with 9spaceking. That is fine with me.

This house seems to be built on the side of a cliff. I can look out the windows of the living room and see a deep gorge below, and I can see a steep cliff on the other side of the gorge. I can also see a train track which runs along the cliff on the other side. When a train abruptly comes along on the other side of the gorge, I can see the faces of passengers in the passenger compartments of the train as it passes. I think I probably know some of the people on the train, but it passes so quickly that the faces are a blur.

9spaceking is standing right next to me on my right. He leans over in front of me so that the back of his head is in front of mine so I cannot see the train. He is apparently playing some kind of little joke. I actually want people from the train to see me here with 9spaceking and his family because I think people might find it interesting that I am with 9spaceking and his family in their home. He finally raises his head so I can see the train again, but it is moving so fast that I do not see anyone whom I recognize on the train.

Commentario de 10 abril 2017

He sonado tres veces con 9spaceking.

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