Dream of: 09 April 2017 "Living In The USA"

avoid hatred and

fear to escape the pain which

they will surely cause

I have started working for Donald Trump and have become one of his closest advisors. At the moment, he and I are in a capacious room filled with many people scattered around the room. I sit right next to Trump on his left for a while, then I walk around the room. When a question arises about "hungry people," Trump asks me if I know anyone who goes hungry sometimes. I sprightly answer, "Sure."

I think to myself that I have seen numerous people go hungry in Portsmouth, Ohio for part of the month. Trump seems interested in the hungry people and I think I may even be able to take him to someplace right now where we could find hungry people.

One man here who works for Trump pulls me over to the side. The man is apparently trying to oust me from working for Trump. He acts as if he knows something incriminating about me. When I question him, he says, "You're a thief."

I'm unsure what he's talking about, but apparently he thinks that I have stolen something. In the back of my mind it seems as if I did illicitly take something, but I cannot clearly remember what I took. Apparently the man is unable at the moment to actually prove that I took anything.

I walk back to Trump and sit next to him. I'm unsure whether Trump knows about this allegation against me, but Trump decides to leave and go somewhere with me anyways. Trump and I leave together. I'm walking on his right and he puts his right arm around my shoulder. I put my left arm around his waste which I perceive to be somewhat pudgy. I ask him if anyone ever walked with him like that, and I wonder what someone would think if that person saw Trump and me walking around arm and arm out here like this.

Trump and I end up in a movie theater where we sit down and watch a movie together for a couple hours. I think people will be amazed that I spent so much time alone with Trump. No one else even knows where we are at the moment.

Trump begins to seem more and more like my father. He and I leave the theater together and go to a somewhat snowy, residential area where we are going to watch a car race sponsored by the top racing organization in the country. I know the name of the organization begins with "N," but I cannot remember the full name. The cars are supposed to race right through the streets of this area. As we walk along the course which the cars will take, I tell Trump that I recently walked this course with my mother.

Although walking the course is rather strenuous in some areas, we continue walking until we finally find some seats. We sit down and wait for the race to begin. A crowd gathers as people wait for the race to begin. We are sitting right next to the course so the cars should pass right in front of us.

Trump apparently has never see one of these races, so this is quite an event for him. I say something to him like "this is the most exciting thing that happens in some peoples lives."

He seems surprised to hear that.

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