Dream of: 13 February 2017 "Good Morning Berlin"   

guideposts found in dreams

can direct one to the path

of discovery

 I have acquired a small cottage. The previous occupant has moved out and left all his stuff here. Some friends are visiting, including my best friends from high school, Mike Walls (around 50 years old) and Steve Buckner (about 40 years old), and a few other people. We are all sitting around the kitchen table.


 I stand up from the table and ask the others if they know where I can get some pot. I have not smoked any marijuana in a couple months and I would like to have some. Steve starts talking as if he knows where I can obtain some. I think Mike probably knows, but he does not say anything. When he does speak, I'm unsure exactly what he says, but I see that he has pulled out a roach and lit it. I really do not want to smoke any pot right now, but I nevertheless think I might take a hit off the roach.


As Mike tries to pass the roach to me, however, instead of taking a hit, I turn, walk into the living room and sit down. The house is packed with so much junk that I need to get rid of. I notice that several big metal cans with advertising on the sides are sitting on a table. I'm unsure whether I should keep those cans or dispose of them.


As I sit here, I start thinking about a woman whose dreams I have read on the Dream Journal-website whom I only know by her username: "fridaygraveyard." I know that she lives in Berlin, and it crosses my mind that I might contact her. In the letter which I send to her, I will tell her that on my Facebook page I receive posts from a site called something like "Good Morning Berlin." I will tell her that I wake up every morning and read posts from that site, even though I know that I do not really read such posts every morning. At least, however, it is true that I do receive posts from that site.


I will tell her that one of the reasons that I'm contacting her is because I love Berlin which at one time was my favorite city in the world. I would like to live there, and since she does live in Berlin, I would simply like to talk with her.


I again concentrate on my surroundings and all the stuff here in this house. I know that I have acquired quite a bit of property. If I just had all this property in Berlin, how happy I would be.


I stand up and walk over to a window which seems to be covered by a piece of plywood. When I pull back the wood, I see five or six neighborhood boys (probably 8-10 years old) standing outside the window. They almost look like homeless orphans. I know that I have a bunch of clothes that I want to give away, and I think that I may give the clothes to the boys. I ask the boys where they live, but no one tells me. One of the boys looks Hispanic. He interests me because I would like to meet someone from the neighborhood who speaks Spanish with whom I could converse.


After I allow the boys to come into the house, I notice that one of them has picked up a cigarette which was lying on the mantel. He tries to hide it. I tell him to put it back and he throws it down on the floor. I ask him his name and he says, "Parker." I'm unsure if that is his first or his last name. I tell him that he must leave and not come back. I do not want anyone in my house who steals. When he leaves, I think he might try to seek revenge on me for throwing him out like that.


I have generally thought that having children around was dangerous since they might say something untrue about how I treated them. Children are difficult to handle if they start lying about something. Nevertheless, I have decided to take a chance with these boys because I know that I'm not going to hurt them in any way. I'm not going to refrain from associating with them out of fear of their lying about something.


My friend Michelle was here earlier, but now she seems to have disappeared. I do not know what has happened to her. I stand in the room and holler out her first name, but she does not answer. I go to the front door and again I holler her name twice, but she still does not answer. I am afraid that something has happened to her. I do not know where she is.

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