Dream of: 09 February 2017 "Split Personality"   

 I'm sitting on the ground in a park in a strange city when my first ex-wife Louise (around 30 years old) abruptly walks past me. She looks very good. I think she is going to simply walk on, but she stops and starts talking with someone.


I ultimately end up in a big house with Louise. We are getting along well together, when in walks a second Louise who looks exactly like the first Louise except that the second Louis is more elegant and dressed more elegantly in an evening gown. The second Louise actually owns this house while the first Louise simply works for the second Louise.


The second Louise is preparing to leave, but before she does so, she walks over to me and hands me some money apparently so I will be able to buy food if I stay here for awhile with the first Louise. I say, "I'll take it."


I look at the money in my hand and see a ten and three ones. I then also notice a $300 bill mixed in with the money. I think that the second Louise made a mistake and that she does not know that she gave me the $300 bill, but I decide to keep it anyway since I figure the second Louise must be super rich. I stick all the money in my pocket.


 I start walking around the house and I ask the first Louise to show me around the gigantic house. I walk into the back of the house and look out at a long yard behind the house. I say something about how gigantic it is.


The second Louise then walks back into the house. She walks so close to me that our lips touch and we start kissing. I do not want to offend the first Louise, but the kiss of the second Louis is so lusciously pleasurable, I continue kissing her. Finally she breaks away from the kiss and it looks as if she is going to leave again. I will be alone with the first Louise.


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