Dream of: 06 February 2017 (2) "A Clearer Picture"  

the messages found

in dreams sometimes guide us toward

our destined purpose

 I'm in a classroom filled with students. A long table sitting against a wall has a row of computers sitting on it. I'm sitting at one of the computers while Fuzzyant (an internet dream-journalist) is sitting at the computer directly on my right. Although she and I do not speak to each other, I do try to take a look at her because I have never seen her in person, and I would like to know what she looks like. I simply want a clearer picture of who she is. She's probably in her late 30s and is slightly chubby. As I look at her, I feel a strong mental - not physical - attraction, and I reflect that I have felt this type of attraction for other women in the past. She is not a beautiful woman - not even particularly attractive - but she does seem to have clear skin, and I find her appearance pleasant. She does not pay any attention to me and she does not seem as if she wants to pay attention to me.


When a black man seats himself at the computer on my left, I realize that he is Barack Obama, and that he is apparently here to repair the computer on my left. He intrudes a bit into my area as he works, but he pays me no mind. He seems a bit angry and I hear him growl. I want to tell Fuzzyant that being so close to Obama and hearing how he really acts is interesting, but I do not say anything to her. He works a bit more until he finally stands up and angrily storms away.


Then I notice that Fuzzyant has also left. A teacher walks up to her computer and moves some of my things which I have laid on a black speaker in Fuzzyant's area. Among other items which I have left on the speaker is a washcloth and a little bit of salt which I had spilt on top of the speaker. I had not realized that I had been putting my stuff in Fuzzyant's area and she had not seemed to care.


Since it seems as if someone wants to work on the computers, I scoot my chair back a couple meters from the computer. I still have my keyboard and I want to keep typing but I now realize that I do not have a monitor right in front of me so I cannot use the keyboard.


I then realize that Fuzzyant has also scooted her chair back, only now she is sitting on my left. I have my legs stretched out in front of me. She puts her legs over top of mine. We are both wearing bluejeans. I like being close to her like this, but at some point I think I hear her say "goddamn" which is very disturbing to me. I would not want to be with someone who talks like that.


I stand up and begin reflecting about Fuzzyant, and I realize that she and I are quite different. I'm actually rather glad that I am no longer sitting next to her because I had been becoming somewhat attached to her, but she is really not the type of person to whom I would like to be attached. I reflect that I would look for several definite qualities in any person to whom I would become attached. One quality would be a person's diet. I realize that Fuzzyant is a carnivore and I know that I could not be attached to a carnivore. I also realize that anyone with whom I would be attached would need to be able to speak one of the languages beside English which I speak. I know that Fuzzyant speaks some German, but she still is not fluent enough to talk all the time in German with me. I conclude that Fuzzyant and I are basically quite incompatible for a long term relationship, and I'm glad that I did not make a mistake by becoming more involved with her.


Perhaps 50-60 people are in the room sitting in what look like pews. I sit back down in one of the pews. A black-haired man sitting next to me is smoking a cigarette. He looks just like the type who would smoke cigarettes. He has an open briefcase which has many items in it. I realize that the briefcase must be handy to carry around so he would have those items when he needs them. He even has a small computer which fits into the briefcase.


Finally everyone stands up and starts leaving. I now realize that we were all here because we were going to be jurors on a case. I ask the fellow if we have been dismissed and he indicates that we have. Everyone begins filing out.


I realize that I have to leave. I also realize that I had been staying in a room nearby, but that I had given up the room. So I'm not sure where I'm going to stay tonight. I don't really want to pay for a motel but I don't really want to sleep outside. I have a car but it's quite a long ways to where I can stay. So I'm unsure what I'm going to do tonight. Not having a place to stay is an unpleasant feeling.


Commentary of 12 February 2017


I have had several previous dreams about Fuzzyant which were compiled in the book:

An Unusual Method Of Communication


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