Dream of: 06 February 2017 "Exploding Duck Head"  

 As I'm walking around in a park-like area with a boy and my attorney friend, Wheat, we notice what appears to be a drainage pipe about 30 centimeters in diameter which is sticking out of an embankment. Wheat wants the boy and me to crawl back into the pipe to see what is back there. I quickly say, "No."  

I think that Wheat can crawl back into the pipe, but he says that he is too big. I reflect that although he is a little taller than I, he is not any wider. I think he could fit into the pipe.

I notice something brown with white stripes sticking out of the ground in front of the pipe and at first I think the thing is part of a snake. When I bend down and look, however, I realize the thing is the head of a duck. Apparently the rest of the body of the duck is buried in the ground. As I'm staring at the head, the head suddenly explodes while the rest of the duck remains buried in the ground. I'm unsure why the duck's head exploded, but I think perhaps the duck became stressed when I moved so close to it. I'm sorry if I had anything to do with the head exploding.

The duck's body is still buried right next to the pipe. I touch the body to try and determine why the duck was there, and I see that the body was stuck in the mud, part of which had dried and hardened around the duck's body. It looks as if the duck had been trying to crawl out of a tunnel-like cavity next to the pipe and had become stuck in the mud which had dried around the duck. The head, then, had simply exploded.  

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