Dream of: 23 October 2013 "The Power Of Theodore Roosevelt"


didactic art can have a loving feel

I'm living in a dormitory of a school which I'm attending, and I'm in the process of moving my belongings from one dormitory room to another. I have a couple days within which to complete this task. When I walk into the room which I've been inhabiting, however, I find that another fellow has already moved in and spread his belongings all over the room. He's lying asleep on my bed. A second fellow is also in the room and he nastily tells me that I need to remove my things from the room. I snap back that I have several days in which to move my things and that he shouldn't even be in the room to begin with. I feel like telling him to simply get out.

I start gathering my things together. Some of my clothes including some blue jeans are on the floor. I see some dark red towels and some beige towels which I'm not even sure are mine. They look new and although I think they might belong to the new fellow, I throw them in my stack anyway since I figure he's not even supposed to be in my room yet.

The second fellow is sitting in a chair when some kind of animal which resembles an off-white horse walks into the room and puts its front feet up on his chest. The horse looks as if its made of thread. Its not solid and I can even see through it in places. After the fellow begins petting the animal, I walk over and also pet it.  The animal is very affectionate and I immediately like it. It feels as if I'm petting fur and for some reason I wonder if it has fleas. It seems very loving and I enjoy petting it.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking to myself that its the end of the term and I have this test tomorrow which I have to take in a class which is being taught by an older woman. Unfortunately, I'm not ready for the test and I really need to cram hard tonight. I can't believe that I've waited till the last minute to study. It seems as if the test is about American history at the beginnings of the 1900s and seems to center around the time when Theodore Roosevelt was in power. I'm thinking that I still have much to learn about this subject.

Dream Commentary

Broadly speaking, horses in my dreams represent art.

I've seen more than one dream-writer on the Dream Journal who reminded me of Holden Caufield, as do the two fellows in this dream. This dream seems like the fulfillment of a wish to have the power of art make contact with those Holden Caufield types.

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