Dream of: 03 February 2013 "Social Issues"

I'm in my old Portsmouth High School (which I attended from 1967-1970 and which was torn down around 1998). I have just learned that it has been determined that four or five people who lost a recent election would be giving a speech in front of the filled auditorium of the high school. Since I am one those who lost the election, I will now be one of those giving a speech.

I just hate giving speeches - I figure I still have about ten days to prepare, so I have enough time for that - but I just hate standing up in front of people and speaking. Its just one of the worst feelings in the world.

Resigned, however to preparing for this speech, I recall the auditorium from the previous election during which a type of wooden bill-board was erected on the stage. Two holes for the posts to hold the billboard were actually drilled through the wooden floor of the stage. Wondering if the holes are still there, I examine the stage's floor and sure enough, I stare down into one of the neatly drilled round holes and the layers of wood which have been drilled away. With the holes still here, I anticipate that I can use the holes to erect a billboard which I can use during my speech.

I stand at the front of the stage and look out over the rows and rows of empty seats which will be filled when I give my speech. I have visions of some reddish poster-like papers that I can post onto the billboard behind me and use in my speech. Using the billboard and the posters, however, seems rather convoluted and I'm unsure I will have the resources to go that far.

Right now I simply have to concentrate on facing this huge audience of faces, some of which are familiar. Even though I'm frozen as I think of facing them, I nevertheless think I might use this opportunity to inform the people in the audience of some things in which I believe. I can first say that I am a vegetarian, at least a "wanna-be vegetarian." I can emphasize that vegetarianism is at the top of the list of social issues in which I believe, which social issues are also attributes about myself about which I want to inform them, even though I feel sure that many in the audience will be profoundly offended by my stance on vegetarianism. I vaguely think of the goal of criminalizing production of meat and the controversy that such a stand as that would invoke.

I also think I have a whole list of my attributes which will conflict with stances taken by many in the audience, yet I feel that I should concentrate on these attributes at the beginning of the speech so that those in the audience will have a clearer idea of who I am.

As for the speech itself about the election, my thoughts are dark with images from the red smoky posters which have elements of a word war one battlefield and I'm wondering if Obama had something to do with the election or even if Obama were elected. I'm not even certain of my role in the election and, at the moment, I am more concerned about telling the audience my stance on these various social issues than talking about the election.

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