Dream of: 23 September 2012 "On The Dock"

Piles of all kinds of stuff are lying on the docks in pre-bellum New Orleans. As I watch the many people circulating the docks, I'm thinking about something which I heard that people do in order to stay down here: they agree to watch over someone's possessions here on the dock. Usually they will have a little cover with which to build a little tent for shelter as they guard the possessions. I've heard that Bill Clinton has had great success in hiring people to watch his possessions here on the dock.

A young kid who has an uncanny resemblance to Salvador Dalí intends to try to hire himself out to watch over someone's possessions. Since he has never tried it before, however, he is unsure how well it will work.

 I reflect that Clinton was always successful because he was so careful whom he picked to watch his belongings.

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