Dream of: 29 December 2007 "Prime Cut"

About 7:30 in the morning, I had stopped at the Gay Street House. I walked inside to look for my father, and as I strolled through the House, I thought I could hear him talking somewhere, but I couldn't place which room he was in. I walked into a room in the rear where the kitchen normally was and I called through a closed door which led to the bathroom. My father answered from the other side and indicated he couldn't talk with me right then. I immediately deduced that he had a woman in the bathroom with him and that he must be taking a bath with her. I told him that I didn't have anything important to say and that I would talk with him later. As I turned around to leave, I thought how strange it seemed that he would be in the bathtub with a woman so early in the morning.

I walked back outside onto the front porch. A small bus (almost like a van) pulled up in front of the house and people began boarding. I walked over to the people. I knew all of them (all about 30 years old) - old acquaintances from Portsmouth. Among them was blonde-haired Myers (who had been one of my prettiest high school classmates). She was aging, but still pretty. When I saw her, I thought I would demonstrate to the others the proper technique for picking up a woman, and as we stepped onto the bus, I approached Myers and started to put my arms around her. She immediately pushed me away as if I were a suaveless slob, and she and another woman stepped back off the bus.

Five or six of us were still left on the bus. Just as the bus was ready to pull out, Myers stepped back on board.

I recognized the driver and another fellow in the bus - they were old friends.

The bus rolled along down a street which at first seemed like Gay Street, but ended up seeming to be a big street in Paris, France. People began talking and soon the conversation turned to prostitutes. When the driver asked how much a prostitute would cost, I quipped, "Sixty bucks."

I thought to myself how strange it was that I would know such a fact. All my life I had had abstained from associating with prostitutes. Now, however, I seemed to have become an expert on the subject. I really didn't know anything about prostitutes, but I was thinking about Michelle, since I knew I paid her just about every day to have sex with me. I thought of Michelle's beauty and I told the driver that for sixty bucks he could get "prime cut." I wished I had a picture of Michelle to show him how beautiful she was and to show what I was getting for sixty bucks. At the same time, I didn't know if sixty bucks was the going rate for a prostitute. I only knew that I was paying sixty bucks and that I was getting what I considered top of the line. I thought to myself that sixty dollars a day added up to about eighteen hundred dollars a month, which actually was quite a bit of money. As I continued telling the driver about how often I had sex with Michelle, I said, "Believe me, I do just about every day. That's why I'm going bankrupt."

We pulled up in front of a building which looked like a stage theater or a movie theater. We all planned to go inside and watch something.

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