Dream of: 13 December 2007 "Wedding Day"

While I was in a bar, carrying a guitar hanging from a strap around my shoulders, someone said the musician Hank Williams Jr. was at the bar. I spotted him. I had seen him before and I recognized him to indeed be Hank Williams Jr. (about 40 years old). He had a beard and was somewhat heavy-set.

Just as he was ready to start playing, I walked up to him, playfully confronted him and told him he couldn't be Hank Williams Jr. Not understanding that I was only kidding, he reached out his hand, grabbed me by the neck, and insisted he was indeed Hank Williams Jr. I, in turn, put my hand on his neck. I didn't want to fight him; I only wanted to clarify that I had been joking. When he finally grasped that I had only been playing with him, he released his hold. Obviously, however, he hadn't appreciated my joke.

After we each took a step back from each other, I told him I had seen him play music before. Since I was carrying a guitar, I thought I might even be able to play a little music with him.

As we continued talking, the subject turned to women, and he mentioned a woman he used to know. He had been having a relationship with the woman, but then she had married another man. He added, "I did her a whole lot of times the day that she married."

I thought his statement strange. Obviously he was saying he had had sex with the woman several times on her wedding day. I wondered if other men had had sex with her the same day.

I began thinking about Michelle and I wondered if I would want to have sex with Michelle on her wedding day if she married another man. I quickly concluded I would definitely like to have sex with her on her wedding day and I figured she would probably let me.

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