Dream of: 09 December 2007 "No More"

I had been to a meeting where several women (about 20 years old) had been present. After the meeting broke up, the women walked outside to board a car. I also went outside, stepped up to one slender woman (with long black hair) who particularly attracted me, and asked her to let me take her home.

She stood coyly in front of me. In a friendly way she said something about Michelle, and I knew she knew I had been seeing Michelle. But I also knew Michelle and I weren't seeing each other as much now, and I responded, "Michelle's no more."

The woman hesitated, as if she might be somewhat interested in going with me. She backed off, then stepped up close to me and asked, "Am I supposed to do 'that something else', too?"

I wasn't sure exactly what she meant by "that something else," but she puckered her lips and gave me a fleeting kiss on my lips. I enjoyed the kiss, but I was uncertain what she was trying to say to me by kissing me that way.

As she backed away, I playfully begged her to go with me, imploring, "Please go with me."

Our interlude seemed innocent. I just wanted her to go with me. 

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