Dream of: 08 December 2007 "Isolated"

I was in house which seemed like part of a mental institution. About 25-30 people were being kept in the house and no one was allowed to leave. I was sitting at a table in the kitchen and I began talking with a thin man (perhaps 40 years old) also sitting at the table.

I had come to realize that some people in the house had money and some didn't. I knew I was in the class which had money. I started to ask the man about this dichotomy. To illustrate my thoughts, I directed my attention to a package of brown coconut cookies lying on the table. Someone had gone to the store to buy groceries, and I had paid for the cookies. I now wondered if it was proper for a person to use his own money to buy food while living in this house. I picked up the cookies and began eating one, while at the same time I pointed out to the man that people with money could buy food, while those without money weren't able to buy food. The man didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with people with money buying food. Nevertheless, I was still uncertain.

When the man then began talking about something else, I knew immediately he was going to try to get some money from me, now that he realized I had money. He began talking about his two sons who were apparently staying alone in a house. I asked how old they were and he told me one was eleven years old. His story was a little hazy, but clearly he wanted me to give him some money so he could help his sons. I continued to listen to him, but I gradually moved away, until finally I was sitting by myself away from the table.

A big heavy-set woman was in charge of the house. I was uncertain, but I thought I knew her from somewhere.

Sitting on the kitchen chair, I felt isolated. I didn't feel close to anyone there. As people walked around the room, I began crying and I blurted out, "They're all so fucked up."

I wanted out, but we were all locked in there together and we couldn't get out. I was trapped there, and I didn't know where to go anyways. I continued to weep over my dire situation.

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