Dream of: 22 November 2007 "Vivid Imagination"

I was thinking of inviting my girlfriend Michelle to my nephew Steven's house for Thanksgiving. Most of my family would be there and I tried to envision how Michelle would fit in. I thought she might be able to talk with my mother, who would be present. She might also be able to talk with Steven's wife, Lynn, since Michelle and Lynn were close to the same age.

Wondering how Michelle would interact, I began to imagine a scene and my imagination became so vivid, I was actually watching Michelle. She began talking with my mother and started describing a house in which she (Michelle) was living. She talked about how the house could be decorated and fixed up, and about how "they" could help her. Apparently "they" referred to me and another man who came to her house and had a relationship with her. As she talked about how "they" could come to her house and decorate it, I thought to myself she was really saying, "They, meaning all the men I'd fuck."

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