Dream of: 09 November 2007 "Spiritual Affair"

I was in the Mabert Road House (a five-room rental house which I owned in Portsmouth). I was a renter in the House instead of the owner, and I was living in the House with Michelle.

While I was sitting at the dining table, an attractive tall thin black-haired woman (probably in her mid 30s) walked into the room. She was the owner of the House. She quickly asked me about my relationship with Michelle, and she wanted to know if the relationship was a "regular affair or spiritual." What she really wanted to know was whether I was having sex with Michelle, or whether Michelle and I only had a spiritual relationship in which I was watching out for Michelle. Unwilling to answer the question, I responded, "Its private."

She looked relieved. She said, "I've got to verify to the sheriff."

She indicated she had to make some kind of report to the sheriff about my relationship with Michelle. Although it appeared the report wasn't anything important, I still didn't feel like disclosing to the woman the extent of my relationship with Michelle.

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