Dream of: 05 November 2007 "Denying Guilt"

While I was in the Gallia County Farmhouse, some people (apparently police) showed up and began searching for drugs. A big fellow (probably in his mid 40s) was in charge. They searched for a while without finding anything, and they were almost ready to leave, when a woman (about 30 years old) searched me and found some cigarette papers in my shirt pocket. She pulled out the cigarette papers, looked at them and asked me if the papers were mine. I responded emphatically, "No."

She looked at me funny and asked me again. Again I said, "No."

I wasn't sure, but it looked as if she didn't believe me, and now that they had found the papers, they again began searching. They soon found more cigarette papers and finally a policeman walked into the room carrying a dried marijuana plant. Someone said the plant had been hanging in the tobacco barn with the tobacco.

My step-grandfather Clarence was now in the room and the woman who had searched me was now a man and much more aggressive. He began putting everyone (including my step-grandfather) under arrest and he acted as if he would now be able to bring charges of possession of marijuana against everyone. They were planning to use drastic measures to get evidence. They planned to threaten to give my step-grandfather a harsh sentence unless some of the other people in the Farmhouse started giving evidence against each other and started admitting their own guilt.

I had already decided, however, that I wasn't going to give in on anything. I planned to deny everything. 

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