Dream of: 25 October 2007 (2) "A New Life"

After I had ingested some of the drug which Michelle was wont to use, I went to the college which Michelle had been attending. Today was her final day at college and I had come to pick her up. When I arrived, I walked into a spacious room where Michelle and other students were packing to leave.

After sitting down on one side of the room, under the influence of the drug, I mused at my surroundings. The drug was powerful and I was imbued with a pleasant feeling. Awash in a dreamy euphoria, I looked all around me, appreciating the effects of the drug. I liked it. I seemed to have found something with which I had immediately fallen in love.

 Gradually, however, the effect of the drug diminished and I could feel myself coming down. After I stood up next help Michelle to help her finish assembling her things, she picked up a big plastic box, heaved it onto her back and started walking. As I walked along beside her, she started talking about how she was ready to start a new life. My mind, however, was on the drug and I said, "I feel like I want some more."

I was trying to think of the name of the drug. The word "laudanum" was in my mind, but I was unsure laudanum was what I had actually taken.

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