Dream of: 23 October 2007 (2) "Yesterday And Today"

I was at a house which I owned on Rhodes Ave. in New Boston, Ohio (the little town which borders the east side of Portsmouth). The house was a big two-story which I had rented to a little chunky woman (about 50 years old) who lived in the house with some of her children.

I had been taking some of my possessions to the house because I planned to have a yard sale here a week from Friday and I had already piled a bunch of my stuff in the living room. I had now come to bring more stuff to pile in the living room. The woman (standing in the living room) wanted to know when I planned to have the yard sale. She had thought I had planned to have the sale last Friday, but I told her I was going to have it next Friday. I wondered to myself what I would do if it rained on Friday.

Among the pile of belongings were several hundred record albums and hundreds of comic books which I intended to sell. As I stood in the living room, one of the woman's children (a boy 7-8 years old) walked past me, carrying something from my pile. At first I thought he was carrying a sweatshirt with a picture on the front of a Beatles album titled "Yesterday and Today." It occurred to me that I might want to keep the sweat shirt and wear it instead of selling it (I surely wouldn't get much for it if I sold it). But then I realized the boy wasn't carrying a sweatshirt, but the actual record album and I suddenly realized he was stealing my albums. I stopped him and took the album from he. He also had several picture sleeves for 45 RPM records of the Beatles. No records were in the sleeves, and I didn't know whether the 45 RPM records had originally been in the sleeves when I had brought them here, but I knew the sleeves themselves were quite valuable, and I also took them from the boy.

Obviously the boy had been stealing my records. When he ran up the stairs, I told the mother that the boy probably had more records upstairs which he had stolen and that I would like to go up there and find them. She agreed and we both climbed the stairs all the way to the attic. I found the boy and told him to gather up any albums which he had taken from me.

The attic was gigantic. It was carpeted and all kinds of stuff was neatly stacked around the attic. I now realized I was charging too little for rent for this house (only about $300 a month). The house was so gigantic, obliviously I could charge much more. This woman had definitely made a good deal for herself when she had rented the house from me and she had been able to move a lot of stuff in here. 

As I looked around, I saw thousands of records albums all over the room, stacked on the floor, in boxes and on shelves. Obviously they collected record albums here. Comic books were also stacked in the room.

Three or four younger people were sitting in the attic, apparently the children of the woman. As I looked around, I was amazed and I told them I had been unaware that they collected record albums. Someone said the albums had been in the family for years.

I walked over to a table of comic books and picked some up. Some were still in unopened plastic. I picked up one comic based on an animated film by the movie director Francis Ford Copolla. It looked as if the film had originally come out in 1982 and Copolla's name was on the cover of the comic. I thought I would like to have the comic. I might even like to buy some of the record albums. I asked if any were for sale, and one fellow (only about 15 years old) said they wanted to sell everything. I asked how much they wanted for everything, but they didn't seem to know.

Finally, someone standing behind me said they wanted forty-four thousand and something dollars for everything. I turned around and looked behind me at a black-haired man (about 30 years old) standing there. He was thin and looked Asiatic and I immediately realized he was the person in charge here. He obviously knew the worth of the albums. He even began describing some albums and talked about a particular collection by a certain artist. I knew I wasn't going to pay that kind of money, which would come to over a dollar an album. I wasn't interested in that. Clearly we weren't going to do any business together.

I was ready to leave. The boy had dallied and hadn't produced any albums which he had taken from me. Obviously I couldn't tell which albums were mine in this gigantic collection, but I was sure the boy had stolen some of my albums and brought them up here. I just gave up, concluding I would lose the albums.

The woman began talking about some problems with the house which needed fixed. She said she would make a list. She mentioned that the attic ceiling had a leak and I looked up at the ceiling, which appeared to be covered with a white cardboard-like tile. I saw a place in one corner which looked as if it needed fixed. I didn't want to work on the ceiling right now, but it looked as if I might have to do that.

We were ready to leave and we walked over to the top of the stairs. Several other people also started to leave and I could see people at the bottom of the stairs getting on an elevator. A woman walked down the stairs. At first I thought she was the woman with me, and I started down the stairs with her, but then I realized she was the daughter of the woman. She was better looking than her mother. I left her and walked back up the stairs to the mother. The mother and I then walked back down the stairs.

As we walked down, I told the woman I had rented the house so quickly to her after I had originally purchased it, I had never seen much of the house.

At the bottom, we didn't board the elevator. Instead, we walked out into a little hallway which had a window at the end. I looked out the window and I could see a brick house (which I at first thought was part of this house) on the other side of the street. I also saw a round balcony which was part of this house. The black-haired Asiatic-looking fellow from the attic was standing on the balcony. I had never seen the balcony before.

As I looked through the window at the balcony, the woman was standing so close to me that my right cheek rubbed against her left cheek. It felt good even though she was older than the women who usually attracted me. I wasn't interested in her, but the touch of her skin felt good.

I asked her if she had ever been out on the balcony and she said she went out there every day. But she acted as if she didn't want to go out there right now, so I thought I would wait until later to go. It looked as if the balcony had a nice view of the street below. The passing cars could be seen from there. Standing out there would be enjoyable. There were even a couple green plants on the balcony. I'd like to go out there later.

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