Dream of: 12 October 2007 "Lost Control"

While I was in my big fancy car, Michelle showed up with a tall woman (who looked like a friend of Michelle's named Jackie). They wanted me to transport them somewhere in my car, but I didn't want to go, because I was badly intoxicated on something and I could barely function.

Only gradually did I comprehend the other woman was already in the back seat of the car with me, and I snapped out of my torpor long enough to realize the car was already moving down the road. When I saw a blonde-haired woman sitting behind the steering wheel, I called out, "Who's driving?"

All at once I realized Michelle was driving the car. I was flabbergasted: I couldn't allow Michelle to drive this car. That was out of the question. I immediately hopped over the front seat, forced Michelle to scoot over to the passenger side, and slid in behind the steering wheel. I grabbed the steering wheel and at the same time I tried to put on the brakes with my foot. As we rapidly approached a car in front of us, I tried to brake the car to keep from rear-ending the other car. I settled into the seat and tried to gain control of the car.

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