Dream of: 29 September 2007 "The Warden"

I was in a prison where Michelle (about 20 years old) was the warden. She was generally nice to me, and when I needed something, I could usually go to her for help. I had a little card which looked like a driver's license on which she could authorize things for me. Just a short while earlier she had given me the authorization to go somewhere (perhaps to the amusement park, King's Island, in Cincinnati) but I had somehow failed to obtain the complete authorization, and now I needed to find her again to complete the authorization.

I passed through several prison checkpoints until I finally reached the room where Michelle was, and when I walked in, she was standing on a step-ladder. It looked as if she were painting and a cigarette dangled from her mouth. She was friendly when she saw me and she smiled at me. When I pulled out my card, however, she jokingly told me with a big good-natured smile that she wasn't going to give me any more authorizations. I responded, "Yes you will."

I looked at her and thought about how nice she was to everyone. I thought she might even be in jeopardy of losing her position because she was too nice. She simply had an inherently good nature.

She climbed down from the ladder and took a seat behind a desk, and with her same pleasant attitude, she started asking me questions about what I wanted and why I needed the authorization. I answered, "You don't have to know every little thing that goes on."

She answered, "Thanks, idiot."

Nothing in her appearance, but something in her actions resembled the warden Big Mama Morton (the character played by the actress Queen Latifah in the movie Chicago).

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