Dream of: 21 September 2007 "Orphan"

I was in Portsmouth, on the south side of Eighth Street, across the street from the cottage where George (a Portsmouth handy man who had worked for me in the past) used to live. I was loading some big pieces of plywood onto a truck and I was holding a piece of plywood in my hands. As soon as I set the plywood down, the view in front of me opened up as if a curtain had been drawn, revealing blonde-haired Michelle standing before me, staring endearingly at me with her effulgent brown eyes.

The sight of her surprised me because I had just seen her a short while ago when I had given her some money. I wasn't sure if she was wanting more money or what.

Although she was her normal age (about 20 years old), she looked like an unkempt orphan. She wasn't smiling. Her face was smudged with black coal-like grime and her hair was tied back in a pony-tail. Wearing a light-colored pull-over shirt and a pair of pants, she looked like a little abandoned waif.

I wasn't sure what she wanted, but there she was, as clear eyes as could be.

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