Dream of: 20 September 2007 "Rabbit And Squirrel"

I was driving my car in Portsmouth, Ohio, traveling east on Jackson Street, and approaching Brown Street. I stopped and parked the car just across the street from where Mike Walls used to live when we had been in high school. I was looking for Dave Adkins (a former schoolmate, who now worked for Colombia Gas Co.). He had a vehicle (perhaps a truck) which I thought I might like to buy. I called him on my cell phone and he told me that he did not have the vehicle any more, that he had already sold it.

I got out of my car and walked to the corner of Jackson and Brown. Suddenly two brown rabbits came running right toward me. When they saw me, they stopped, moved south on Brown into a yard, then stopped again. When I looked more closely at them, I realized one was not a rabbit, but a squirrel. It seemed strange that a rabbit and a squirrel would be running together - I had never seen that.

As I continued to watch, a medium-sized brown and white dog walked up to the squirrel. The dog and squirrel moved so close together, their noses were almost touching. I thought the squirrel had better be careful, because that dog might reach out and grab it. Dogs liked to eat squirrels sometimes.

The rabbit was over to the side munching on something while the dog and the squirrel continued to sniff each other.

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