Dream of: 19 September 2007 (2) "Exposed"

Wheat and his wife Melanie (both about 40 years old) unexpectedly showed up to visit me at the house where I was living. I was happy to see them and we talked for a little bit. They had traveled a long distance and apparently they were going to spend the night with me.

I was sitting down and when I stood up, I realized I was completely naked, except for a pink towel which I was holding in front of me. Although I told them I was going to go take a shower, I continued to stand in front of them and talk with them. When I noticed Melanie seemed to be looking toward my crotch, I glanced down and saw that I wasn't holding the towel correctly and that my penis was exposed. I quickly pulled the towel over me and covered myself. We continued talking as if nothing had happened, until I finally walked out of the room to take my shower.

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